The Monday Morning Hangover – 2017-03-06


Hello beer fans. Another busy week for me so let’s get started. I started on Monday with some lunch beers from Brewsters. I had their Lager and finished the day with Honest Paul IPA. I am very happy that they decided to make this beer part of their full time lineup, it doesn’t disappoint. On Tuesday I was watching the Oilers game at home and decided to crack open a meowler of Situation Brewing’s Afternooner Tea Saison. This is a great beer.

Afternooner Tea Saison

Next up was a Thursday trip to Brewster’s to try their ESB. That was my third local ESB. As I mentioned last week I am really starting to enjoy this style.



Friday was a lunch date with Darren, we checked out Local in South Common and I had a burger and a beer. It’s hard to think of a better lunch (PRO TIP: When having a burger and beer for lunch try skipping the fries for a side salad, you’ll feel much better about yourself after). For beer I had the Filthy Dirty IPA by Parallel 49. I haven’t had this beer in over a year and I still really enjoyed it.

Filthy Dirty IPA

Next up was a Saturday trip to O’Byrne’s to see my brother and his friends as they celebrated The Honey Cowboys‘ upcoming nuptials. I had the Enigma Uncommon Amber by Village Brewery. Although good, I have not yet found a Red or Amber Ale that I really love but the search continues.

Enigma Uncommon Amber


Thanks for checking out the blog, see you next week.


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