SWB – Episode 9 – Plaza Bowling Co.

Download – Episode 9

Episode 9 – Plaza Bowling Co.

Recorded On: 2017-03-13

Duration: 36:11

Guest: Trevor

Location: Plaza Bowling Co.

Featured Beer: Bench Creek Brewing – Black Spruce Porter

Audio Splitters Provided By – Kier and Darren

Show Notes

0:00 – Intro

0:05 – SwB on Location

0:16 – Special Guest – Trevor

1:45 – Featured Beer – Bench Creek BrewingBlack Spruce Porter

3:30 – Beer News – Alberta Craft Beer Guide

4:45 – The Interview

13:50 – I said 118 Street. I meant 118 Avenue

14:10 – 5-Pin Bowling

23:10 – On Tap – Parallel 49Blindman BrewingSituation BrewingBench Creek Brewing

29:35 – The Top 5 – Parallel 49Four WindsBridge BrewingBrassneck BreweryStrange Fellows

33:44 – The Review

36:11 – End

The Monday Morning Hangover – 2017-03-06


Hello beer fans. Another busy week for me so let’s get started. I started on Monday with some lunch beers from Brewsters. I had their Lager and finished the day with Honest Paul IPA. I am very happy that they decided to make this beer part of their full time lineup, it doesn’t disappoint. On Tuesday I was watching the Oilers game at home and decided to crack open a meowler of Situation Brewing’s Afternooner Tea Saison. This is a great beer.

Afternooner Tea Saison

Next up was a Thursday trip to Brewster’s to try their ESB. That was my third local ESB. As I mentioned last week I am really starting to enjoy this style.



Friday was a lunch date with Darren, we checked out Local in South Common and I had a burger and a beer. It’s hard to think of a better lunch (PRO TIP: When having a burger and beer for lunch try skipping the fries for a side salad, you’ll feel much better about yourself after). For beer I had the Filthy Dirty IPA by Parallel 49. I haven’t had this beer in over a year and I still really enjoyed it.

Filthy Dirty IPA

Next up was a Saturday trip to O’Byrne’s to see my brother and his friends as they celebrated The Honey Cowboys‘ upcoming nuptials. I had the Enigma Uncommon Amber by Village Brewery. Although good, I have not yet found a Red or Amber Ale that I really love but the search continues.

Enigma Uncommon Amber


Thanks for checking out the blog, see you next week.


The Monday Morning Hangover – 2017-02-27


Hello beer fans. It has been a pretty busy week here at SwB. It started out with an afternoon visit on Tuesday to Situation Brewing (more on them later)

Devil’s Canoe ESB

I tried the Devil’s Canoe E.S.B. which I really enjoyed. It’s cool to see a few local breweries brewing this English style pale ale. I also tried their Sandwich Cubano. The sandwich was delicious, but I was battling to keep it in sandwich form. The beer mustard although amazing acted as a lubricant and the ham/pork/gruyere/pickles kept trying to escape the baguette. Thankfully no pictures exist of my eventual victory.

Next up was a Thursday lunch and brew with my good friend Brian. Lately Brian and I have been exploring different pubs around south central Edmonton that we had not previously visited. Past pubs include Fionn McCool’s and Duggan Boundary Pub. This week we decided on the Time Out Pub in the Hazeldean neighbourhood.

Kokanee Gold

The beer selection was mostly macros but the pizza and wings were exactly what we were looking for. They have those super crispy wings that I really enjoy and it’s hard to go wrong with the Frank’s style of hot sauce. The pizza was thick and cheesy with toppings that want to fall off the crust. This might not be to everyones liking but I think this neighbourhood pub is a great find.

Friday was a big day for Suds with Buds. Darren had the idea to do an Instagram live stream while we were recording a podcast. This gave people a chance to check out our recording procedures, as well as gave us a chance to interact live with the viewers. Another first for us was having an industry professional join us in the studio. Situation Brewing was kind enough to lend us Mike, their social media and sales guru. We covered a wide range of topics from Situation Brewing’s beginnings to the current state of craft brewing in Alberta. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to see it live the edited version of the podcast will be out this week. We learned a lot from the stream and have some great ideas for next time.


Huge thank you to Darren and the gang at Flock Audio. Huge thanks to Situation Brewing and Mike.

One final update from last week. On Saturday Sam and I finally got to check out Zwick’s Pretzels. If you haven’t been yet I can highly recommend it. We waited about 15 minutes for our made to order pretzels, I tried the Spicy Scallion and Mozza while Sam had the Butter and Salt flavour. Definitely worth the drive over to the 124 Street area for us. What visit to 124 Street would be complete without a stop at Northern Chicken. Oh boy, I could eat their chicken every week. The combination of crispy skin and juicy chicken in unmatched in my opinion. My only complaint is that on some visits the Extra Hot is just the right amount of heat, and sometimes it’s “burn your mouth off after the first bite” hot. I almost forgot about the cornbread, oh my, it’s heavenly. I could use more descriptive adjectives to describe it, but I think you get my point.

That wraps up the Monday Morning Hangover for this week. If I can leave you with one thing it is this. Try something new. Try a new beer, try a new pub, try a new dish. The excitement of discovery is only surpassed by the excitement of sharing your discovery. I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy.


SWB – Episode 8 – Ferda Berta Boys

Download-Episode 8

Episode 8 – Ferda Berta Boys

Recorded On: 2016-03-28

Duration: 1:02:15

Guest: Alex

Location: Red Deer

Featured Beer: Blindman Brewing – Blindman River Session Ale

Audio Splitters Provided By – Kier and Darren

Show Notes

0:00 – Intro

0:13 – Special Guest Alex

0:50 – Featured Beer – Blindman Brewing – Blindman River Session Ale

5:19 – Beer News – Two SergeantsGP Brewing Co.Bench Creek BrewingOlds College BreweryBest Damn BrewingDad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer

17:20 – Social Media News – Milan Lucic – LetterkennyBojack HorsemanRick and MortyArcher

36:00 The Review

43:00 The Top 5 – The Honey Cowboy

The Strathcona – Elephant and Castle Tavern on WhyteGarneau PubR.A.T.T. – Sherlock Holmes PubHudsons PubThe PintThe Canadian BrewhouseBoston PizzaO’Byrne’s Pub

1:02:15 – End

SWB – Episode 7 – The Edmonton Craft Beer Festival

Download – Episode 7


Episode 7 – The Edmonton Craft Beer Festival

Recorded On: 2016-06-03

Duration: 1:06:21

Guest: Roger

Location: The Edmonton Craft Beer FestivalEdmonton Expo Centre

Featured Beer: Original 16 – Canadian Copper Ale

Audio Splitters Provided By – Kier and Darren

Show Notes

0:00 – Intro

0:10 – Special Guest Roger

0:55 – Featured Beer – Original 16 – Canadian Copper Ale

3:30 – Kegerator Talk – Dispensing Systems Inc.

10:15 – Beer News – Edmonton Craft Beer FestivalAlley Kat Full SqueezeYellowhead BrewingTwo SergeantsBear Beer

19:02 – SWB on Location

19:18 – Goat Locker Brewing

20:15 – Situation Brewing

22:10 – Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous

25:55 – Phillips Brewing

28:20 –  Glutenberg Brewing

29:36 – Tin Whistle Brewing

32:50 – Big Rig Distillery

38:44 – Alberta Beer Festivals

39:39 – Local News – Edmonton Eskimos – Fan Rings – New Eskimos Jersey

50:40 – The Review

53:28 – The Top 5 – Kegs and More – BrewstersWine and Beyond – Liquor Depot

1:06:21 – End



SWB – Episode 6 – Suds at the Lake

Download – Episode 6

Episode 6 – Suds at the Lake

Recorded On: 2016-07-01

Duration: 32:19

Co-Host: Darren Rogers – TwitterInstagramThe Rigid

Guest: Nathan

Location: Whitefish Lake, AB

Featured Beer: Alley Kat Brewing – Spruce Almighty Pale Ale

Audio Splitters Provided By – Kier and Darren

Show Notes

Apologies for the wind noise. Looks like it’s time for me to invest in a mic windscreen.

0:00 Intro

0:30 Flock Audio

2:30 Special Guest – Nathan

3:55 Featured Beer – Alley kat – Spruce Almighty

4:50 Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous

5:40 Northern Girls Hopyard

8:21 Mott’s Clamato

11:11 Tool Shed

15:15 Current Events – Taylor Hall TradeRogers Place

18:20 Wade’s Waah!

22:30 The Top 5

30:00 The Final Review

32:20 End