SWB – Episode 6 – Suds at the Lake

Download – Episode 6

Episode 6 – Suds at the Lake

Recorded On: 2016-07-01

Duration: 32:19

Co-Host: Darren Rogers – TwitterInstagramThe Rigid

Guest: Nathan

Location: Whitefish Lake, AB

Featured Beer: Alley Kat Brewing – Spruce Almighty Pale Ale

Audio Splitters Provided By – Kier and Darren

Show Notes

Apologies for the wind noise. Looks like it’s time for me to invest in a mic windscreen.

0:00 Intro

0:30 Flock Audio

2:30 Special Guest – Nathan

3:55 Featured Beer – Alley kat – Spruce Almighty

4:50 Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous

5:40 Northern Girls Hopyard

8:21 Mott’s Clamato

11:11 Tool Shed

15:15 Current Events – Taylor Hall TradeRogers Place

18:20 Wade’s Waah!

22:30 The Top 5

30:00 The Final Review

32:20 End



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